KIPCHOGE: The Last Milestone Main Title

Director Jake Scott invited StudioAKA to create animated inserts and a title sequence for his feature documentary; examining the preparation and training behind Eluid Kipchoge’s extraordinary sub two-hour marathon run in Vienna on October 12th 2019.

The film explores the fascinating and inspiring story of Kipchoge’s success, which captivated people around the globe, and was commissioned by Ridley Scott Creative Group, Amsterdam.
AKA Director Steve Small and his team of artists produced a 60-second title sequence as well as four sequences that illustrated the beneficial dynamics of track tilt and the effects of optimised airflow using running formations.

Ridley Scott Creative Group, Amsterdam

Jake Scott
Executive Producer:
Ridley Scott & Ross Plummer
Producer: Garfield Kempton

Design, Direction Animation and Artwork: Steve Small
Animation Producer: Nikki Kefford-White
CGI Character build & Rig: Adam O’Sullivan Avery
CGI Animator: Gary Cureton
Houdini, After-FX, Maya, and Compositing: Vincent Hussett
Watercolour and digital animation and Artworking: Martin Oliver
Animation: Kristian Andrews
Editor: Nic Gill
Head of CGI: James Galliard
Produced by Studio AKA

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