Creative studio Trollbäck + Company has partnered with TEDGlobal to create the opening titles for the conference being held this week in Edinburgh, Scotland. TEDGlobal’s 2011 theme focuses on “The Stuff of Life” where speakers and attendees of the 4-day conference analyze the resources, technologies and skills that make life possible and keep it going — and the many things that make it interesting, enjoyable and worthwhile.

Trollbäck + Company has a long history of creating opening sequences for the prestigious TED brand. For this year’s titles the team explored the relationship between nature and science:

“Science and exploration help humans understand their lives by dissecting everything they can touch and feel, ” quotes Jakob Trollbäck, the company’s founder and executive creative director. This dissection can be seen in the show open as a variety of objects – both man-made and organic – are sliced to reveal their complex beauty.

Longtime creative collaborator of TED, executive creative director Jakob Trollbäck is a member and contributor to the conference, giving his own TED talk titled “Rethinking the Music Video” in 2008.


President / Executive Creative Director: Jakob Trollbäck

CEO / Executive Creative Director: Joe Wright

Executive Producer: Mike Eastwood

Head of Production: Erica Hirshfeld

Art Director: Christina Rüegg

Senior Designer / Technical Director: Peter Alfano

Technical Director: Justin Zurrow

Designer / Animator: Sean McClintock






Trollbäck + Company Designs “The Stuff of Life” Open for TEDGlobal 2011 Conference

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