Four minutes montages of Laurent Brett’s  best work with main titles for movies such as OSS 117, The Artist, Hostages and more.

Laurent Brett started to work in 1993 in the video and commercial business at Bandits production as a post supervisor. After 4 years spent in the dark rooms of post companies, he started a dj-musician-editor-director-digital compositor… career  !!  Laurent made a lot of sfx for the Florent Siri’s music videos and was creatively involved in the “THE NEST” movie which brought him in the film business. With the famous “Hostage” title sequence he created in 2004 Laurent find his place in the main titles world. Since then, he work as Director, Motion-Screen-Titles Designer for movies, VFX and split-screen editor, as free-lance.

Brett & Cie Showreel

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