The Godfather of Harlem main title is an homage to the contemporaneous collages created by African-American artist, Romare Bearden (1911–1988), during 1960s Harlem. He is best known for his photomontage compositions made from torn images of popular magazines and assembled into visually powerful statements on African-American life.

The main title INTENTIONALLY reflects many of the techniques, aesthetics, and themes of Romare Bearden, and is a purposeful design for the opening credits of the series not meant to stand separately from its cinematic purpose.

Client: EPIX & ABC Signature
Studio: Digital Kitchen | Los Angeles
Creative Director: Mason Nicoll
Art Director/Designer/Lead Animator: Peter Pak
Animators: Cisco Torres & Giovana Pham
Producer: Jake Hibler & Michael Cates
Executive Producer: Cynthia Biamon
Music: Swizz Beatz track “Just in Case,” featuring Rick Ross and DMX

Godfather of Harlem Title Sequence | EPIX

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