AIGA San Francisco continues its series of evening events that focus on interactive design topics. Intended for designers with beginning to intermediate experience with designing and building for the web, tablet and mobile environments, each event will give you the chance to learn from local experts as well as share your own knowledge with other attendees.

The sessions will be a combination of lecture, discussion, and workshop activities, so bring your sketch pads and thinking caps.

What are the essential principles of solid motion design? In what ways can motion be used to enhance storytelling or sell an idea? Where do transitions come into play? How can you bring your own designs to life? Where to start?

Join Justin Katz as he discusses best practices that drive effective motion design – the basics and BEYOND! Justin will cover conception to completion so that you can be prepared when working with motion and motion designers. He’ll take you through how he plans an animation — from scripting, thumbnails, storyboarding, style frames, animatics, rough cuts, audio, animation, editing and color correction.

Get the kick start you need to experiment with the art form yourself. If you’re just getting into motion or even already have a working skill set, you don’t want to miss this inpiring event.

Interactive Chats: Motion Design: The Basics and Beyond

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