Studio: Digital Kitchen
Creative Director: Matt Mulder
Lead Designers: Noah Conopask, Cody Cobb, Ryan Gagnier
Animatiors: Ryan Gagnier, David Holm, Pete Kallstrom, Matt LaVoy, Dayvd Chan
3D: Cody Cobb, Igor Choromanski, Gordana Fersini, Thiago Costa
Editor: Dave Molloy
Producer: Jill Johns, Colin Davis
Executive Producer: Mark Bashore

Digital Kitchen: The Company Titles


New work is often posted in waves, and such is the case for recently featured Digital Kitchen. Their title sequence for mini-series The Company is a beautifully atmospheric piece that shows DK’s diversity of style and sensitivity to subject matter.

I asked producer Colin Davis a couple questions about the project, and he supplied some nice details:

The technique was a hybrid of procedural and hand-done cell animation. Technically speaking, this is a mixture of 3D animation with both procedural (2D + 3D + Hair + Ink + Particles) and hand drawn cross-hatching. All the rabbits were hand-sketched — we literally took every other frame (12fps) into Photoshop and drew on top.

The whole main title process lasted from August through early June, but for the final product shipped, the hard-core production lasted about 12 weeks.

DK’s attention to detail and love of the craft is obvious. Oh, and the typographic choice of Caslon was a nice, classic move. For a show about the CIA, they could have gone an entirely different route, opting for more of a Mission Impossible sans serif, something that screams “THIS SHOW IS ABOUT SPIES!”

Emmy nominated in 2008.

The Company Title Sequence by Matt Mulder

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