Amorteamo Title Sequence by Alexandre Romano

Title sequence for a TV show were dead lovers return to life. The rose is an object that can be used as a gift between lovers or over the coffin of someone who died. With this idea of return and cycle of life and death we created this opening.

Director – FlavioMac, Alexandre Romano
Art Director -FlavioMac, Alexandre Romano
Script – Flavio Mac, Fabricio Duque, Alexandre Tomasi, Monica Tomasi
Concept Moodboards – Koi Factory
3D modeling – Flavio Mac, Koi Factory, Gustavo Duval, Wanderson Andre
3D Animation – FlavioMac, Renan Moraes
3D Effects animation – FlavioMac, Felipe Lobo
3D Materials / Light – FlavioMac
Post production and grading – FlavioMac
Logo: Fabricio Duque
Production – Orlando Martins, Fernanda Deway
Account manager – Suzana Prista, Fabienne Verbicaro

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