Cash Title Sequence by Picnic Studio

A new drama series from writer/director Mahmoud Sabbagh. CASH traces the meteoric rise of a Saudi Arabian pro footballer, from the slums of his youth to the stadiums and glamour of his new life. But fame and success come with a price.

Director: Liam Oconnor / Mina Song
Client: Mahalyoon (Mahmoud Sabbagh)
Studio: Picnic Studio
Producer: Lundi Shackleton [Les Espoirs]
Art Direction / Design: Mina Song
Composite: Chris Sayer / Mina Song
Animation: Aleksander Saharovsky / Chris Sayer
Cel Animation: Aleksander Saharovsky
3D: Mina Song / Chris Sayer
Music: RJD2 (Guide track)

Category: Film
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