Shoot ‘Em Up Title Sequence by Picture Mill

Shoot ‘Em Up is a 2007 action comedy film[1] written and directed by Michael Davis (Monster Man) and produced by Susan Montford, Don Murphy and Rick Benattar.[2] The film was released on September 7, 2007.


* Clive Owen as Smith
* Paul Giamatti as Karl Hertz
* Monica Bellucci as Donna “D.Q.” Quintano
* Stephen McHattie as Hammerson
* Greg Bryk as Lone Man
* Daniel Pilon as Senator Harry Rutledge
* Sidney Mende-Gibson as Baby Oliver
* Lucas Mende-Gibson as Baby Oliver
* Kaylyn Yellowlees as Baby Oliver
* Ramona Pringle as Baby’s Mother
* Julian Richings as Hertz’s Driver
* Jason Reso as Senator’s Guard
* Tony Munch as Man Who Rides Shotgun

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