True Detective Title Sequence by Elastic

Antibody created the main title sequence for HBO’s critically acclaimed drama series True Detective. Working through our LA-based production partners, Elastic, and with compositing support from the talented crew at Breeder.

“True Detective” Opening Title Sequence

Client: HBO
Air Date: January 12, 2014

Opening Title Sequence: Elastic

Director: Patrick Clair
Executive Producer: Jennifer Sofio Hall

Design/Animation/Compositing: Antibody
Senior Designer: Raoul Marks
Animation + Compositing: Raoul Marks
Animation + Compositing: Patrick Da Cunha
Production: Bridget Walsh
Research: Anna Watanabe

Additional Compositing: Breeder
Compositing: Chris Morris
Compositing: Joyce Ho
Production: Candace Browne
Production: Adam West

Original Pitch for Title Sequence from True Detective

This is the original pitch proposal produced by and Antibody for the title sequence from True Detective.

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