We Are The Giant Title Sequence by Mill Plus

Mill+ created the titles and graphics for director Greg Barker’s documentary, “We Are The Giant”, a Passion Pictures & Motto Pictures Production that premiered at this year’s Sundance Film Festival.A film that touches on personal stories from three countries of the Arab Spring Movement and links them to historic events and iconic figures throughout history, it explores the sacrifices and decisions individuals make for what they believe is their right.Mill+ senior art director, Manija Emran, spoke to us about the titles and graphics she lovingly created for the documentary film: “when Greg approached us to create the graphics and the visual look, of course we jumped at the opportunity! We had an existing working relationship – last year I designed the titles and graphics for his documentary ‘Manhunt’ – and he’s lovely to work with.”

“My initial reaction to the film was that I had to encompass ‘revolution’, so I set about researching it” Emran continued. “I looked at how some of these messages were brought to life, and I found reoccurring themes that came up which were all based on the human touch. Revolutions are born of people – they are born from the human hand. It is a collection of individuals coming together who express themselves via different mediums: the written word, handmade demonstrations signs, painted graffiti, modern-day twitter feeds, printed pamphlets, burned flags, burned images, etc. So I wanted to combine all these looks into one cohesive language.”

Having “lived and breathed and loved this project”, Emran flew out to Salt Lake City for its premiere at Sundance: “the film and its graphics were very well received and afterwards lots of people came up to compliment us on the graphics and how they elevated the film. It was wonderful.”

  • Production Company: Passion Pictures, Motto Pictures, Prettybird
  • Record Company: (Music by) Philip Sheppard
  • Director: Greg Barker
  • Executive Producer: Christina Weiss Lurie, Hani Farsi, Jeffrey Lurie, Tony Tabatznik
  • Producer: John Battsek, Julie Goldman, Greg Barker
  • Director of Photography: Muhammad Hamdy, Frank-Peter Lehmann



  • Editor: Joshua Altman


  • Design & Animation Studio: Mill+
    Executive Director: Stephen Venning
    Producer: Elizabeth Newman
    Design/Creative Director: Manija Emran
    Animation: Greg Park, Justin Sucara, Victor Duncan
    Production Coordinator: Jacqueline Sand


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