Classic and simple !!!! for the now world many awarded movie !!!!!!
you noticed I’m officially and the for the first time credited in openning title.
I did more for this movie, of course.
Editing of 2 sequences with motion design, creation all titles cards, some “the end”. A 3 mounths session for me.
A great experience as all time to work with Michel !!!!! I will post more when the movie wil be available on DVD.
this title is simple because we wanted with the director to put the audience in a immersive mood with no “extras”. I guess for this kind of movie everybody was expecting something more extravagant or referenced to silents films. I wasn’t easy to find the correct way to get into the movie. the first scene is a movie in the movie…..! idem for titles cards we made just simple textured cards with worked design and all letters kerned and tumbled differently as man could made in these years.
Hope you like my comments. fell free to talk about my work here, I’m an openned motion designer !!!

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