OSS 117 LE CAIRE NID D’ESPIONS Title Sequence by Laurent Brett

“Title sequence I designed animated and composited in After effects for the Michel Hazanavicius movie.
Assumed references to Bass-Binder masters for this comedy-spy movie who take place in the 50′. Graphic idea cames from a recurrent joke about JOKARI beach game which inspired me the lines, cubes and balls.

I had then yhe idea to recreate sets and costumes seen in the movie with these simple forms. I did it alone, with a little help of my friend Dr Spon for arcs introduction which are in 3D (at the beginning of my process I wanted to do more things in 3D with flat 2D rendered style) but Michel inscists for staying in the 50′ technical vibe !! he was right. and years after i’m still proud of these sequence in which I won’t change a thing today.”

Laurent Brett

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