La Vraie Vie Des Profs Title Sequence by Alexis Beaumont and Michel ‘Mitch’ Pecqueur

Title sequence for the movie “LA VRAIE VIE DES PROFS”
Movie directed by Albert P. LAZARO and Manu KLOTZ

Title sequence by Alexis Beaumont and Michel ‘Mitch’ Pecqueur

Storyboard and preliminary concept, 2D pixel animation and photography : Alexis Beaumont
Background mattepaintings, 3D animation, compositing, motion design, additional 2D pixel animation and additional photography : Michel Pecqueur

This is an alternate editing using the temporary track “Rain or Shine” by Beat Assaillant.
The final editing is just slightly different – mostly some timewarps to fit the different music.
The animation in itself has been made for a live action movie introduction.

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