Spectre Title Sequence by Framestore

The creative process spanned almost four months, involving upwards of 30 artists and producers, who worked closely with Kleinman to define the images, style and tone of the sequence. For teams accustomed to creating shorter, snappier commercial spots, the Bond titles are a chance to approach the work in a different way: ‘There’s more scope, for sure’, says Executive Creative Director William Bartlett. ‘On a commercial the work tends to be more buttoned-down, with a greater focus on the technical rather than the creative. There are technical challenges here too, of course, but the emphasis is on the creative exploration’.

The work kicked off in May, after the sequence director Daniel Kleinman received the call-up from Bond producers Michael G. Wilson and Barbara Broccoli. Once the script had been read, Kleinman met with Framestore to start concepting visual ideas – the start of an organic, evolutionary process. With six Bond sequences already under his belt, Kleinman knew exactly how to approach the work: ‘I don’t have any preconceived ideas, anything stored up or saved up from other things when I come to the job – it’s important that the ideas and visuals are narratively driven. In most Bond films there’s a theme that runs throughout. That will be the thing that I take and run with, try to find the visual metaphors, and have some fun with the idea of it’.

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