The Gunman Title Sequence by Momoco

Our researcher Richard Kroll (Dawn of the Dead, Argo) tracked down war photographers and gained exclusive images for us. The news anchor was shot for the sequence and we also produced screen graphics, including news bulletins throughout the film.

Design Director: Nic Benns
Art Director: Miki Kato
Researcher: Richard Kroll
Research: Fred Thoraval, Pierre Morel

Titles animation:
Miles Christensen, Nic Benns,
Miki Kato, Natasha Mallinder
Andy Yap

UI, Screen Graphic animations:
Ian Jones, Miki Kato

Producer: Nic Benns
Film producers: Peter McAleese, Joel Silver
Film Director: Pierre Morel

Made by Momoco
Client: StudioCanal
Archive version 2016

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