The Magnificent Seven Title Sequence by Shine

“The Magnificent Seven” main-on-end title sequence for MGM, Sony and director Antoine Fuqua

Shine designed, edited and animated the main and main-on-end title sequences for The Magnificent Seven. The sequence visually establishes the world of the Seven, and re-introduces each character. The imagery of land ownership and property deeds is a visual story thread woven throughout the sequence.

Director Antoine Fuqua brought his modern vision to the classic story of The Magnificent Seven. As the town Rose Creek is put
under the siege of industrialist Bartholomew Bogue, the town’s residents enlist the help of seven outlaws, headed by bounty hunter Sam Chisolm, to protect them while they prepare for the violent confrontation that is anticipated. Upon meeting the town’s residents, the Seven find themselves fighting for much more than money.

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