The Last Panthers Title sequence by Momoco

The opening credits to the Sky Atlantic international thriller.
The characters are tempted by the same demons that caught souls centuries ago. They drag innocents down, place guns in the hands of men… they bleed out. We see images of a torn conscience battling on a nape, Cain slaying Abel and a man drowning in demons. Finally they entwine into a web – a vast network mapped across the dark.

Actors were shot in ultra slow motion before adding depth with dust particles and scratched glass. The team then used projection mapping to display medieval imagery onto invisible 3D models.
The title score is composed and performed by DAVID BOWIE – his first original music for television in 20 years.

Designed & Directed by Miki Kato
Produced by Momoco
Music by David Bowie

Creative Director Nic Benns
Concept by Johan Renck
Animators: Andrea Braga, Miki Kato, Nic Benns,
Svenja Frahm, Jim Fisher, Miles Christensen, Maria Arnal
DoP: Karl Watkins

Client: Warp Films, Haut et Court

MOMOCO is an EMMY winning and BAFTA nominated studio.
Founded by Nic Benns and Miki Kato, the firm has been producing film and tv main titles for 15 years and has gained international recognition for its sequences.

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