• 20 Jan 2015

    A Dangerous Game Title Sequence by Naive

    Directors & Concept: Jonas Lindman and Oskar Gullstrand, NAIVE Art Director: Linus Kullman Animation: Linus Kullman and Oskar Jonsson Compositor: David Nalci NAIVE is a multi-faceted prodution company for Animation, Tv and Film w...
  • 18 Jan 2015

    The Man In the High Castle Title Sequence by Elastic

    Elastic created this main title sequence for Scott Free's new adaption of Philip K Dick's classic novel, debuting this year on Amazon Prime. Elastic for Scott Free Productions Director Patrick Clair Producer Jamie McBriety Lead Animator ...
  • 17 Jan 2015

    Better Living Through Chemistry Title Sequence by Carlos Stevens

  • 16 Jan 2015

    Man Seeking Woman Title Sequence by Digital Kitchen

    DK crafted an iconic graphic approach for the titles, meant to contrast with the show’s live action. In the sequence, symbols of ordinary dating life mix with over-the-top, genre-spanning imagery, reflecting the unique narrative device used in...
  • 12 Jan 2015

    Message In A Bottle Title Sequence by Blue Zoo

    Title sequence for the TV series "Message In A Bottle" for the European Broadcasting Union Animation Studio: Blue Zoo Creative Director & Design: Damian Hook Producer: Chantal Robbins Storyboards: Joe Kinch Modelling: Charlie Batho Ani...
  • 10 Jan 2015

    Doctor Dolittle Title Sequence by Don Record

    From the 1967 Rex Harris film, a lovely artistic title sequence that exemplifies mid-century modern shapes and colors. Gorgeous....
  • 02 Jan 2015

    Marco Polo Title Sequence by The Mill

    Mill+ co-director Ben Smith with co-director Bryce Wymer teamed up with Netflix to create the stunning title sequence for Marco Polo, a new original series for Netflix, written by John Fusco and produced by The Weinstein Group. The series is ...
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